Website Design

The best websites design in town

The best websites design in town

We believe a website should consists in the following :

  • 100% Responsive (the website must scale from PC to mobile without loading a new website)
  • 100% unique and no other website will look the same.
  • Are searchable on Google. Read More on the Search Engine Optimization page.
  • Integrated with your Facebook and other Social Media Pages
How we Work ?

How we Work ?

We try to spend time with the client to get a feel off how they operate. We will then send the client a demo off the home page, Menu layout and their quote.

We charge a 50% deposit fee, and then will invoice you after the website is completed. Please note that after have designed your website and have send you the test url of the site, and we havent heard back from you in 10 working days we will send the client the full invoice.

We will normally build your website on test domain. After the client have signed off the website we will move over to the live domain. ( This process normally take 5 to 10 Minutes sepending on the size of your website )

The technology we use:

The technology we use:

Your website will be built with the most modern software and hosting service. We use the following technologies in our websites

  • CMS Platform (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and etc)
  • HTML 5 & CSS Coded
  • and PHP websites
What do we need

What do we need

We need the following information from you before we can start with your website:

  • Your company logo in vector or high res jpg
  • Basic contact information from the client.
  • and offcourse the information you want on your website
Freelance / Outsource Website Design Services ?

Freelance / Outsource Website Design Services ?

We also deliver our services on a freelance basis to other Marketing and IT Companies.

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