Send Files via Wetransfer

To send files via WeTransfer it very easy, just follow these steps bellow or view the video.

  1. Open Google and type in WeTransfer. Click on the first link. Or you can use this link
  2. Click on the add files button to add your files, or drag your files onto the "add to files section"
  3. Enter your destination email address in the "email to" box
  4. Enter your email address in the :your email" box
  5. Enter a message in the "message" box
  6. Click on the send box
  7. Wait for the uploading to finnish. A "Youre Done" Screen will apear
  8. the receiver will receive and email with a download button.
  9. The receive wil lhave to click on the button. Your browser will open.
  10. The receiver needs to click on the download button again
  11. You will receive an email when the download is done

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